2016 Critiques

Here are critiques from our dogs’ successes in 2016:


Dale Elliott

Yearling Bitch 2. Marskell’s Berolee Biella (AI). Balanced, well made black of lovely type. Pretty feminine head, good body, bone and neat feet. She was wearing a correct coat and moved sound and true.



Chris Bailiss

Limit Dog 2 Marskell Berolee Didier Drogba. Black heavy coated pleasing head, good front level topline, ample bone, presents a balanced picture.


CRUFTS – 2016

Gary Johnson

Veteran Dog 3 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife. 10 year old chocolate who seems to get better with age! He has the most wonderful double coat and well clothed otter tail, another who was in great condition. Really pleasing headpiece, with well contrasting eye colour. Brisket well developed and ribs well sprung, stifles well turned and has excellent bone and feet.


Yellow Labrador Club 28/9/16

Anthony Allen

Sp Veteran (10+) 2 Maskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife. Another smart dog. Chocolate boy with a pleasing head, well made through the neck and shoulders and has good front angulation, good depth of chest. Body well proportioned with a good spring of rib. Quarters well made and overall presenting a balanced picture. Movement was sound.




Sharon Lambert (Mattand)

LD (2) 1. Marskell`s Berolee Didier Drogba: Smart black dog, all male but not coarse in any way. Strong masculine head. Good clean neck, straight well boned legs leading into lovely tight feet. Correct front and rear angles, good turn of stifle. Enough double coat with a good harsh feel. Moved well.

SP  VETERAN 7-9 YEARS D/B (2,1) 1. Marskell’s Sh Ch Berolee Starlet JW : RBIS & BOS & BVIS : 9 yr old quality black bitch, lovely type. Very feminine head with a melting expression. Good stop and length of muzzle. Very kind eye. Correct angles all round. Plenty of heart room. Solid topline and tail straight off. Strong quarters and short strong hocks  which gave her good positive movement. Carries an excellent coat, just on the blow. Shown in good hard condition.

Sp VETERAN 10+ YEARS D/b  (5,2) 1. Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife : Smart choc boy, carrying his 10 ½ years very well. Masculine head, with no sign of coarsness. Eye colour compliments his coat and has good pigment.Good reach of neck leading into a strong topline. Good solid bone and correct, tight feet. Correct lay of shoulder. Short coupled. Excellent harsh double coat, and otter tail. Moved well.

MPB 1. Davis` Berolee Princess Beatrice at Tanglemead. 7 mth old black bitch.Soft feminine head. Excellent front, deep through the brisket, good forechest. Excellent bone.Feet could be tidier. Good topline.Would just prefer a bit more length of leg, but hopefully this will come as she matures. Has everything just needs for it all to come together. 2. Davis` Berolee Princess Diana at Tanglemead. Black litter sister in first place. Lovely eye shape and colour. Good length and breadth of muzzle. Clean through the neck. Just preferred the front on 1. Mov.ed okay.

GB 2. Marskell`s Berolee Biella (AI) Balanced Black bitch. Well constructed all through. Good solid topline. Deep through the chest with a good barrel rib. Short coupled. Excellent double coat and otter tail. Just preferred the width of thigh on the class winner.

PROGENY 1. Marskell`s Berolee Mack The Knife : a dog that has certainly produced a good type through various bitches.


Three Ridings Labrador Club Champ Show


Mac Percival

L 2  Marskell’s Berolee Didier Drogba – black, true type head, really good neck, shoulder placement and brisket, plenty of depth of body, good rear angulation, neat feet, moved well

Sp Open Chocolate 1  Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife – almost 10 years old, lovely boy enjoying his day out, nice head, good eye colour, kind expression, good depth and hind angulation, good coat.

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