City of Birmingham critique

Sue’s critique.

Thank you so much to all exhibitors for the marvellous entry it was truly amazing! I apologise for a couple of grumbles I feel I must mention: There were a number of dirty dogs – it does not take very long to clean a Labrador! A Labrador should NOT have a round eye.

VD (2,1) Sewell’s Brathwell Dick Darstardly Racinto Breakerswell. Really lovely black 8 yr boy. Still holds a good topline and tail. In excellent coat moves extremely well. A pleasure to judge him.

MPD (5,2) 1 Tasker’s Richbourne Time Lord at Kindercroft. Black 8 month boy. Well angulated. Kind head. Neat feet. Moved ok. 2 Merrills Gostwyck Topspin. Black boy just 6 months who I think will mature nicely. Good coat. Neat feet. Very kind head. Moved ok.

PD (8,1) 1 Miles’s Llanstinan Sugar Daddy. Very nice 11 month yellow dog. In very good coat. Lovely head & expression. Neat feet. Quite mature for his age. Moved very well indeed. Best Puppy in Breed. 2 Lesleys Steeleigh Capital Rock. Liked this black 10 month old puppy very much. In beautiful coat. Well angulated. Super head. Moved very well. Both these puppies have a super future ahead of them.

JD (14,1) 1 Bailiss’s Tissalian Hi Jack. Gorgeous yellow 14 month old boy. Lovely head. Fantastic pigmentation. Corect topline and tail set. Beautiful angulation. Moves like a dream. My notes say ‘I would like to own him’ RCC, 2 Gaskells Sharouns Ventriloquist For Tempaskell JW. Really nice yellow boy when settled. Good expression. Excellent topline and tail set. Good Angulation. Neat feet. Moved very well indeed.

YD (6,2) 1 Spriets Claychalk Fillippo. Beautiful Strong black dog. Really like him. Kind expression. With correct eye shape. Well angulated. Excellent coat. Moved very well. 2nd Miles s Llanstinan Kinky Boots. Lovely type of chocolate. In very good coat. Lovely expression with correct eye shape. Well angulated. Liked him very much.

GD (10,1) 1 Johnson & Korffs Cremino Chilly Pepper. Yellow boy with lovely pigmentation. Level topline. Good reach of neck. Moved very well. 2 Kempsons Gothleed Muddy River. Gorgeous choc boy just not as much of him as 1st. Shows very well. Lovely expression with correct pigmentation. Well angulated. Lovely neat feet. Moved very well indeed.

PGD (18) 1 Lewis’s Crammondkirk Happy Minion JW. Very nice black dog. Excellent top line, bone and angulation. In great coat. Moves OK. 2 McHenrys Gostwyck Morse Code. Could change places with 1st any time. Excellent head & expression, coat, topline, and feet. 2 very nice dogs. LD (20,2) 1 Harvey-Majors Linjor The Squire JW. Lovely yellow dog which stands out. Beautifully schooled. With excellent expression, pigmentation, bone, with neat feet. Moves very well. otally at one with his handler. 2 Parr s Stoneavon Willy The Weeper. Chocolate, not quite in coat but still a lovely dark colour. Beautiful expression. Correct eye shape & colour. Well boned and muscled. Moves really well.

OD 1 Lambert’s Ch Mattand Exodus JW. Saw this special boy at his first show & remarked how special he was The rest is history. What can I say that has not been said before. True steady perfect Labrador in every way. DCC, BOB and Gundog Group 1. 2 Hopkinsons Rocheby Old Punch. Good Black solid Labrador. Loved him as well. Very kind expression with correct eye shape. In excellent coat. So well angulated. Neat feet. Moves with drive.

GCD (1) 1 Bold’s Shaymiloney Solsilvanus Black with good topline, and neck placement. In good coat. Moved very well. VB (10,5) 1 Parr’s Aqualoop Playing Misty at Stoneavon. Beautiful 9 year old chocolate lady in full coat. Very kind head. Good topline, well angulated. Moves really well. BV in breed. 2 Callaghan’s Foulby Lilian Smith of Bannabeach Jun ch. Another Chocolate lady. 7 years old. Very kind head. In very good coat. Neat feet. Moved very well indeed.

MPB (14,6) 1 Hobby’s Icarus Jean Genie. Beautiful 7 month old yellow baby. Excellent pigmentation. Good topline. Well angulated. Neat feet. Moves really well. In very good coat. Very bright future in front of her. 2 Charlton’s Foxrush Time to Shine JW. Another lovely yellow baby 9 months old. Very pretty, correct eye shape & colour. Well angulated. Good topline & tail set. In good coat. Moved beautifully. These 2 puppies will change places many times.

PB (15,3) 1 Percival’s Wynfaul Vickers. Beautiful black baby girl. 7 months. Full of life. Lovely coat. Lovely expression. Good topline and tail set. Well boned.Moved very well. 2 Britton’s Bowstones Windchime almost a year old another beautiful black girl. Lovely expression. Correct angulation. Good neckline. In good coat. Neat feet. Moved very well.

JB (24,5) 1 Litherland’s Oakhouse Olanthe. Beautiful chocolate bitch who excels in coat, type and colour. Lovely expression with correct eye shape and colour. Good angulation. Neat feet. Moved well. 2 Morgan’s Tessholly’s Jessica. Excels in movement. In good hard muscled condition. Moved so well with her handler. Lovely bitch with very good pigmentation.

YB (19,7) This class was headed by 2 super yellow girls who could easily change places. 1 Dawson’s Beskerby Singsong. Melting expression. Such a classic outline. Lovely angulation. Good reach of neck. Moved beautifully. Loved her. 2nd Mclellan s Saraden Rock Your Baby. Gorgeous! Fabulous Topline, neck, expression, pigmentation. In good coat. Great movement.

GB (17,4) 1 Hofma’s Ansjoros Cutey. My find of the day! Lovely black girl with excellent topline & angulation. Beautiful head. In super condition & coat. Moves so well. She took my eye when she entered the ring and she certainly did not disappoint me. RCC. 2 Lambert’s Mattand Excuse Me Sir JW. Another lovely black girl in super coat. With great angulation. Lovely head and expression. Moves so well. PGB (24,2) 1 Timm’s Lejie Peace Thyme. Beautiful yellow girl with the most melting expression. Fantastic outline. So balanced. Perfect angulation. Neat feet. Moves beautifully. Just loved her! In the line up she just filled your eye. BCC. 2 Mount s Buckholt Tap DancerTessa Very pretty yellow bitch, with good pigmentation & correct eye shape. In good coat. Well angulated. Good reach of neck. Moved well.

LB (24,6) What a super class this was! I am afraid there was not enough cards to go round! 1 Gawthorpe’s Waterbrook Pillow Talk. Such a very pretty yellow bitch. Lovely expression. Correct eye shape & colour. So balanced. Super Angulation. Neat feet. Moves so well. Really liked her. 2 Kempson’s Gothleed Mecedes. Lovely chocolate bitch. So balanced with a super topline & tailset. Super angulation front & rear. Moves beautifully.

OB (15,3) Another quality class! 1 Harvey-Major’s Anuedis Everybody is Fine in Linjor (imp) Stunning yellow bitch. So well handled. Beautiful expression with good pigmentation. Lovely topline, good bone and angulations. In super coat. Moved very well. 2 Mills’s Lembas Crackling Rosie JW. Beautiful feminine yellow bitch. Lovely expression with correct pigmentation. Excellent topline. Neat feet. Super movement. Again so well handled.

GCB (6,3) 1 Percival s Wynfaul Thanks a Million. Lovely Fox Red bitch. Loved her! Excellent pigmentation. Great topline. Very well angulated. Moved to perfection. 2 Smith’s Flyenpyg Schnopp Happy. This very sweet pretty 8 month old black baby got her GC award at 4 months ! Moved well.

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