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Rooney was Best Vet in Show at Lab Club Ch Show 14th June judge Mr A Taylor and then also Mr B Rooth

Di Di was best puppy at Windsor Gundog 13th April judge Lyne Minchella

Di Di’s hips are 8.8 elbows 0
Elsea’s hips 6.8 elbows 0

Jose Mouriniho (Mou) became an Italian Jnr champion at 13 months
Border Union 2013
Eric Parr
Open Dog
Top quality class packed with top Labs. 1 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, choc dog of top quality, pleasure to go over, masculine head, good length of muzzle, correct eye shape of very good colour giving a soft biddable expression, well boned, well made front quarters, strong neck but in no way stuffy, nice slope of shoulders, well angled & Constructed front, deep through rib, strong & broad over loin & rearquarters, correct tailset with excellent otter tail, free standing dog full of substance, true steady movement, bags of drive, in good double coat & top condition, at one with handler, has a ring presence difficult to ignore. CC & BOB

Our lovely gentleman & best friend Loui passed away on 25th May 2013.  His legacy lives on in the many puppies he sired and we would like to thank everyone for their very kind words about him & their lovely ‘Loui children’

Our beautiful girl Ella passed away on 26th April 2013, she has done so much for us at Berolee, giving us Loui, Rooney, and of course William passing down her wonderful line. We loved her so much.
On the same bittersweet day Queenie/Rooney puppies were born.

Crufts 2013
Elise Nolan
Mid-Limit Dog
3 Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, pleasing yellow with nice head & expression. Strong all through with deep well-sprung ribs, nice turn of stifle, moved & showed well.
Limit Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, superb yellow of nice type, balanced all through with good head & expression, deep barrel ribs & nice quarters. Moved & showed well.

William Trigg, who lives in New Zealand, has just gained his NZ Champion title and is now BISS RBISS NZ Ch Berolee William Trigg. Congratulations to his owner, Trisha Hallmond.

Boston 2013
Rosemary Hewitt
Open Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, upstanding choc with a lot to like about him, strong bone, moved soundly. Not in the best of coats

Manchester 2013
Gary Johnson
Open Bitch
1 Marskell’s Sh Ch Berolee Starlet, mature well balanced black in great condition, very typical of the breed and a worthy ch, most loveliest of heads with correct Labrador expression, expressive eyes of the correct shape & colour, good length of muzzle. Excellent reach of neck & well placed shoulder, deep and strong through the brisket, correct length of leg to body ratio, well muscled quarters, strong bone & good feet. In decent coat, moving well. Close up in the challenge.

LKA 2012
Marion Hopkinson
Limit Dog
1 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, lovely mature deep yellow here whose outline just flows, pleasing head & expression has depth & rib strong quarter & moves off with good long stride

Midland Cos Labrador Club
Denise Timms
Veteran Bitch
1 Marskell’s Sh Ch Berolee Moon’s Majic Star, beautiful black in superb condition, full of type & quality, conformation very good all round, strong level topline, well bodied with good coat & tail, showed a dream & moved with purpose round the ring, my star, here, a credit to her owners.CC & BIS, did it in good company
Limit Bitch
1 Marskell’s Berolee Starlet, eyecatching black, daughter of my CC winner & she is very much like her mum with the same conformation, very pretty in head, lovely outline, in lovely coat & condition, such a lovely showgirl, moved so well
City of Birmingham 2/9/12
Rooney is awarded his first CC by Lynda Miles.

Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, this chocolate dog took my breath away, in superb coat & condition, oozing class & maturity, so well made throughout, masculine head and such a kind expression, strong neck into well laid shoulders, level topline with his tail coming straight off, excellent ribcage, so well angulated fore & aft, moved very well, really covering the ground  CC  Lynda Miles (Llanstinan)

Bournemouth 11/08/12
Queenie is awarded her third CC by Anne Lavelle and gains her title: Sh. Ch. Berolee Starlet JW

Three Ridings Labrador Club
Anne Lavelle
Limit Bitch
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starlet, very pretty black, lots to like about her, attractive feminine head, good eye colour, good reach of neck going into level topline, nice balanced picture, in excellent condition.

Bath 2011
G L Talbot
Limit Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, strong looking dog, well balanced, good dog,, masculine head, clean eye, powerful neck, good shoulder placement,, level topline, good true movement

National Gundog 2011
Elaine Cannon
Graduate Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, another good yellow, strong clean neck and shoulders, nice head with good pigmentation and lovely dark eye. 1 was slightly stronger in pasterns and had better feet but preferred hindquarters when viewed from rear of 2. Good topline and tailset held well on the move.
Limit Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, choc who is a little more substantial with a little more bone than 1, good legs and lovely feet, lovely head and expression, well constructed front and rear, correct depth all through, well developed second thigh and well muscled, move well.

City of Birmingham 2011
Hugh Gent
Limit Dog
2 Marskell’s Mack The Knife, excellent choc, very close up to 1. Good head proportions, correct eye colour giving kind expression, well constructed overall, correct coat which was chocolate throughout. Sound mover.

United Retriever
Barry Rooth
Mid-Limit Dog
1 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, correct sized yellow of good substance and outline, pleasing head and expression, kind eye, strong neck, deep chest, well sprung ribs, short coupled with strong rearend, in excellent coat and condition, good tail, moved well.
Limit Dog
1 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, good sized choc of substance, steady disposition, quite laid back, good head, eye colour correct for a choc, well boned, straight front, deep brisket, good forechest, strong neck, good layback of shoulder, good coat with deep undercoat, can’t afford to carry excess weight. Moved steadily but true.

Leeds 2011
Marilyn Prior
Limit Bitch
Three different types here. 1. Marskell’s Berolee Starlet, wow, this black looks superb, lovely head and expression, good neck and shoulder, deep brisket, barrel rib, good topline and tailset, sound on the move, excels in outline, another from the top draw.

Bournemouth 2011
Chris Mills
Graduate Dog
1 Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, yellow that I liked a lot, kindest of heads and expression, good neck into good shoulder, good deep rib, strong through couplings and strong well angulated rear assembly, moved well on good legs and feet, good coat and tail, in hard condition.
Post Grad Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, yellow of a type I like, in very hard condition and good coat, super head, kind expression, good neck into well placed shoulders, strong through body and with a good rear assembly, good legs and feet and moved OK.

Windsor Champ Show 2012
Chris Bailiss
Open Bitch
1 Marskell’s Berolee Starlet, very well put together, excellent lay of shoulder, good reach of upper arm, depth of forechest and good spring of rib, level topline, good harsh coat, nice short hocks enabling her to move with drive. CC.

Labrador Club
Lynda Heron
Limit Dog
2 Marskell’s Mack The Knife, choc with kind head, clean neck, correct front and good topline, another with the leg length I was looking for, moved soundly and showed well

Leeds 2011
Gary Johnson
Mid Limit Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, masculine yellow, kind head with good length of muzzle, good type and balanced all through, strong neck with good layback of shoulder, perhaps just a tad too much weight here. Excellent depth and width to chest, strong across the loin and short coupled, stands on excellent bone and feet, moved OK.

East of England Champ Show 2011
Pat Harrison
Limit Bitch
1 Marskell’s Berolee Starlet, very well made black, in firm condition, excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders, balanced feminine head, moved soundly holding firm topline. Not quite in her best jacket. Considered for top honours.

East of England Champ Show 2011
C Reynolds
Mid Limit Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, strong yellow, very kind masculine head, good firm topline, lots of bone and coat, in good hard condition, moved and showed very well

WKC 2011
Limit Bitch: 2 Marskell’s Berolee Starlett, could well change places with 1 another day, loveliest of heads, well made with gently expression, clean in neck, deep in forechest, clean in neck flowing into well made shoulders, good topline, correct tailset, lovely thick otter tail, true positive driving action on the move, hope she will gain her title in time. Linda Harvey Major
NW Labrador Club 9/10/11
Limit Dog: 1 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, good sized choco full of substance, correct weight, a lot to like, masculine head but with the softest exression, nice length of muzzle & reach of neck, solid well angled & constructed front, deep ribbed, strong & broad over loin & rearquarters, very well boned, correct tailset, free steady mover, true & sound, in good coat, colour & top condition. Best chocolate dog. Eric Parr
Yellow Labrador Club Open Show 28/3/12
Post Grad Dog: 1 Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, good masculine head, kind eye and expression, clean neck into well placed shoulders, good bone & feet, level topline, short coupled, correct coat & tail, good rear angles & well developed second thigh, moved very well. Kenn Roberts

Yellow Lab Club Champ Show
Linda Harvey Major
Open Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, strong male with excellent coat colour, pigmentation & eye colour, clean in shoulder & straight topline, lovely hind angulation & second thigh, kind in head. In harmony with handler & never lost a footing on the move

East Anglian Labrador Club Ch Show 03/03/12
Veteran Bitch: 1 Ponsford’s Berolee Sweet Chariot at Badgersleigh, 8 ½ years choc. Bit of a fidget when standing but did very well on the move. Good coat, in excellent condition, quality head, good bone; 2 Marskell’s Sh Ch Berolee Moons Magic Star, 9 ½ years black, excellent type, appealing head, dark intelligent eyes, fit & well coated, showed and moved OK. Just tired a bit at the end.
Brood: 1st Marskell’s Sh Ch Berolee Moons Magic Star JW, should be proud of her children, two yellow sons & a feminine black daughter. Very nice group of good type. Liz Cartledge
Labrador Club Of Wales Ch Show 04/02/12
OB 2nd Marskell’s Berolee Starlet JW, top quality black, of excellent type, excels in front, bone & feet, strong neck with good shoulders, stands foursquare with angulated quarters, in lovely coat & condition, never put a foot wrong, handled to perfection, moved with style. Erica Jayes

VB My notes say two super bitches. 2nd Marskells Sh Ch Berolee Moons Magic Star, also liked the type of this black, never saw her stand wrong, level topline, correct tailset, showed well, in excellent condition. Just preferred the outline of 1 Erica Jayes
West of England Club Ch Show 05/11/11
LB (29) What an outstanding class. With an entry like this it was a shame this hadn’t been split with a mid-limit class. 1st Marskell’s Starlet JW, very impressive bitch, with superb balance throughout. Excellent type with good deep front, excellent spring of rib, with strong quarters, with excellent width & angulation. Moved very well & I hope she manages to get her title.
VB 1st Marskell’s Sh Ch Moons Magic Star JW, superb quality bitch for her age & easy to see why she is a champion. My notes are remarkably similar as that of her daughter, the limit winner. Mark Rawlinson

West of England Labrador Club Ch Show 05/11/11
PGD 2nd Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, darker yellow, impressed me for his overall type & honesty, very much a Labrador, pleasing head with typical expression, balanced throughout, moved well & in good form. Shaun Williamson.
Yellow Labrador Club Ch Show 28/09/11
PGD 1st Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, good type of dog with really nice head and expression, moved very soundly, good bone & neat feet, excellent coat
MLD Super class with six good ones 3rd Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft JW Fiona Braddon

Macey won her last CC at the age of 8 years and 8 months.

United Retriever Club
Liz Peggs
Puppy Dog
1 Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, well balanced 7 months yellow dog with plenty of bone, kind head just right for age, correct eye shape, clean in neck flowing into level topline & tailset, correct double coat, moved out well. BP BPIS

Three Ridings Labrador Club
Linda Sutcliffe
2 Marskell’s Berolee Mac The Knife, choc, the more I looked at him the more I liked him, lovely type & balance, best of heads, kind expression, clean neck, well placed shoulders, good coat good even colour, strong quarters, moved so very well.
2 Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, yellow, good type head, little plain as yet but at 10 months he as plenty of time. Well constructed neck and shoulders, good topline, moved well.

Windsor 2010
M Grant
Limit Dog
1 Marskell & Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, choc, masculine head, good expression, good neck into well placed shoulders, good width of thigh and turn of stifle, good bone & feet, moved well. RCC
Post Grad Bitch
1 Marskell’s Berolee Starlet, good feminine head, good length of muzzle, good through neck onto well placed shoulders, level topline, deep well sprung ribs, level topline, well developed rearquarters, moved well.

Labrador Club
Linda McGillivray
Junior Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, larger framed yellow. Good condition, nice head & pigment, good front & rear, moved well.

Labrador Retriever Club
Eeva Rautala (Finland)
Grad Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, nice type yellow, masculine head with very good pigmentation, good neck & shoulders, deep strong body, well boned, good coat & tail
Limit Dog
1 Marskell’s Berolee Mack The Knife, very nice type, masculine head, good neck & shoulders, excellent topline, deep strong body, good bone, well angulated, sound mover, excellent coat & beautiful choc colour.

Southern Counties 2009
Einir Matulla
Grad Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, animated yellow of good type, although not as strong in front angulation as 1. Kind head & expression, lovely pigmentation, level topline, strong rear angulation, good second thigh, moved with drive.

South of England Gundog Club
Hugh Sidebottom
Puppy Dog
1 Marskell’s Berolee Moonstar, 6 months yellow dog, nice expression, dark eye, good reach of neck, nice chest, straight topline, good tailset, short coupled, good spring of rib, moved with drive and purpose.

Judith Charlton
Open Bitch
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starlet, worthy ch, clean outline, in good coat & condition, balanced with deep body, good legs & feet, moved well.

Boston 2010
Janet Cole
Minor Puppy Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Moon Star, good headed yellow, nice length & depth of muzzle, good neck & shoulders, good bone & feet, well muscled body, good hindquarters, moved well
Grad Dog
2 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, quality yellow, good head, neck & shoulder, nice length & depth of muzzle, good bone & feet, well bodied, good spring of rib, moved well

Reading & District KA Open Show
Lee Cox (Vanitonia)
Berolee Moonstar BPIS

Yellow Lab Club Open Show
Noelene Dodd
Junior Dog
1 Marskell’s Berolee Starcraft, lovely head on this young dog, shoulders well laid back, good barrel rib, in good coat, tail straight off his back, moved OK
Open Bitch
1 Marskell’s Berolee Sun Moon And Stars, a large bitch, rather long in the back, would like a more feminine head, moved OK.


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